(exhibition title tbc, Freelands Foundation, London)
Here comes the ideology, clutch your pearls close (table top work), a small revamped idea from my Cekca Het: Trans Panic project, will be at Freelands Foundation gallery space, as part of their artist programme cohort 2 show, March - May 2020. Other artists in the exhibition include: Freya Dooley, Rebecca Gould, Becca+Clare, Will Roberts, Neasa Terry (all g39/Cardiff); Jasmin Marker, Brown+Bri, Thomas Wells, Mitch Conlon, Jane Butler (all PS2/Belfast); James Clarkson, Maud Haya-Baviera, Victoria Lucas, Conor Rogers, Joanna Whittle (all Site Gallery/Sheffield); Rae-Yen Song, Jenny Hogarth, Eothen Stearn, Sarah Rose, Mona Yoo (all Talbot Rice Gallery/Edinburgh)

Freelands is headed up by Elisabeth Murdoch, scroll to the bottom of the site for a shout out to her and her dad.

This exhibition marks the end of cohort 2’s fellowship and my time at g39, but not of Cekca Het: Trans Panic.


@g39, Cardiff, as part of
No Time To Plan An Ending

Becca & Clare, Freya Dooley, Rebecca Gould
Rhiannon Lowe, Will Roberts, Neasa Terry
16 October - 18 December 2021

Work in this show is a continuation of work developed for Mission Gallery earlier this year. This project, Cekca Het: Trans Panic is me, me then and now. It’s a mess of noise and memory, hope and fear; it’s a paene to the long lost and a statement of intent; it’s an exploration of secrecy and a lived life; it’s a search for a safe place within the hard wild reality of being trans.
The following is a text edit from Trans Panic magazine, produced as part of the exhibition at Mission Gallery, Swansea in 2021.

I'm caught between different states, officially: born and created in one, with time, experience, life, loves, people, messages, communications, paperwork to match (in the eyes of others); and living in another, one that I have been dreaming of, manufacturing and living for as many years as I can remember, to (re)make myself anew. I now have yet more proofs of who I am and will be; proofs on paper and trails online, proofs in stone, written, drawn, recorded; official statements in full. I have the beginnings of another whole lived life.
This is another new year. I'm about 11 in new years; I am coming to that time when in my earlier life I like to think I made myself; me, my heart, my fears, my wants and desires, my places and loves, my confusions. It was the '80s; I was sneaking Smash Hits and Melody Maker under the covers, figuring the closest I'd get to being a woman was Martin L Gore, ffs.

The work has been made during 2020/21, while based at g39, Cardiff on a Freelands Foundation fellowship, and developed from work supported by a grant from Arts Council Wales.

For a look around my studio, click here. This virtual studio tour was commissioned by Freelands Foundation and scanned and produced by The Net Gallery.

Image above:
billboard for g39: Cekca Het/Rhiannon Lowe, 2021
photograph: Liam O’Conner
costume: Abi Hubbard
(original image as backdrop, billboard at Mission Gallery, 2021
photography: Megan Winstone; styling: Charlotte Wilcock
mua: Amy Jenkins; mua Ist assistant: Jackson Freeman)